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Foto Saba Laudanna

The tarantella in clubs

An archaic rhythm greets the party people of the modern metropolis- a classic South Italian folk dance has arrived on the Berlin club scene.

Foto Saba Laudanna

The Berlin Tarantella Community meets regularly at various venues for the Tarantella Trance Party, in scene clubs such as SO 36, the Mudd Club, Tränenpalast, UFA-Fabrik, Club Bastard, and others. Often they take place on the occasion of religious holidays such as Easter or Christmas. These holy days even become the focus of the parties in order to emphasize the profound folk piety of Southern Italy and the mystical character of the Tarantella in its original sense.

I also put on Tarantella Trance Parties every year for Carnival. The themes of changing identities and the interrelation between good and evil are especially emphasised, both typical for Carnival
Foto Saba Laudanna

What is entirely new and contemporary about the Tarantella Trance Party is presenting this concept in a space, namely the discotheque, which was previously completely unprepared for this kind of sound.

I want to create the right conditions to enable the archaic music of the South Italian Tarantella and its original forms to find appreciation in the urban multiethnic music scene in Berlin.

Just as it means a lot to me to emphasise those elements of this music and dance culture that have their roots in the Mediterranean area, I also want to bring out the modern spirit of dance.

The success of my party concept also relates back to the choreography of the various Tarantellas in which the group plays an important role. They offer a real alternative to the more individualistic style of club dancing.

In this way it would be wrong to see the Tarantella Trance Party as simply an import from a foreign culture. It is actually typical for Berlin.

Foto: Julia Kunert

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